The Most Searched TV Show In 2011 Was ‘American Idol’ [AUDIO]

December 28, 2011 12:01 am

There was so much great TV this year, where we saw scripted comedies make a big comeback and a ton of hotly contested competitions make headlines. So, which shows kept you guys wanting more? sent the most searched TV shows in 2011 and I’ll bet your DVR is loaded with some of them right now.

The Most Searched Musician Of 2011 Was Justin Bieber

Fox’s animated favorite “Family Guy” was #5, while the Guidos and Guidettes of “Jersey Shore” acted crazy enough for #4, McKinley’s High’s finest sang “Glee” into #3, and all the drama and action from “Dancing with the Stars” pushed it to #2, and “American Idol” claimed the throne at #1.

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