The Top 5 New Year’s Traditions And Superstitious Beginnings

December 30, 2011 6:15 am

Ever wonder why people kiss at midnight on New Years? Or why people scream when the clock strikes twelve? Yes, sometimes it’s because they have consumed a little too much champagne, but did you know it’s also a tradition which has developed over the years due to superstition. Here are some New Years traditions explained, and the history behind them:

1. The Midnight Kiss: The reason you are supposedly supposed to kiss someone at midnight, is because otherwise it is believed that the rest of the year means you will face a year of coldness and lack of affection.

2. Food: Some believe that if you eat black-eyed peas on New Years Day it will attract good luck and fortune. Some also eat ham hocks, collard greens or even cabbage to bring in “luck”.  The food to stay away from? Chicken or turkey. It is believed that eating poultry will bring misfortune.

3.  New Clothes: It is believed that if you do not wear new clothes on January 1st, you will not be receiving many new garments in the new year. Red clothing is preferred for New Year’s Day since red is considered a happy color, and is sure to attract a brighter future for the wearer.

4. Making Noise At Midnight: On New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes midnight people blow on horns, cheer, set off fireworks. Why? It is believed that the loud noise scares away evil spirits. So, not only are you ringing in the new year but you will be starting the new year free from evil.

5. Direction of The Wind: The direction of the wind on New Year’s morning is said to predict prophesies about the coming year. Wind from the south, expect money and happiness. Wind from the north, foresees a year of foul weather. Wind from the east brings famine and bad luck, while wind from the west brings milk and fish, but the death of someone important. No wind = joy and prosperity throughout the year.