Watch The Official Times Square New Year’s Eve 2012 Webcast [LIVE]

December 31, 2011 5:54 pm

The Times Square Alliance has made available a live stream from the very center of the excitement occuring in Times Square. The live stream will be sharing the “story behind the million revelers who make the pilgrimage to Times Square to be part of the global celebration at the Crossroads of the World.”

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As the night progresses the live stream co-hosts promise to take audiences “behind the Broadway curtain of actually producing New York City’s largest annual celebration through time-lapse videos, voice-over narrations, animations, and interviews with event producers and directors of key departments. The co-hosts and worldwide audience will discover not only the tremendous amount of work and state-of the-art technology, but also the extraordinary personalities involved in the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration.”

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Lastly, the Alliance will share the story behind Times Square, and its world famous New Year’s Eve celebration. The co-hosts and worldwide audience will be “entertained by fascinating tales of Times Square told by the people working and living in Times Square. Moreover, the international audience will be encouraged to share their Times Square stories during the live coverage.”