Top 5 Places To Run In the United States [PHOTO]

January 2, 2012 10:00 am

Ever wonder what some of the greatest places to run in the United States are. Well, luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work for surveying and evaluating the Top 5 places to go to get the best views and a variety of running environments. Check it out.

5.) Mountain Ranges – Glacier Gorge –  (Colorado): What better way to get in touch with nature than to run at one of the arguably best hiking trials in the United States? This Colorado landscape is nothing short of spectacular. Given it is not a place that you can regularly go to work out at, but definitely worth the journey there. I mean, where else will you get such a spectacular view? Nowhere, that’s where.

4.) Hiking Trails – Blue Hills – (Massachusetts): Reebok recommended the great trail next to their HQ, located in lovely Massachusetts – Blue Hills. After some careful investigating, this natural pathway is nothing more than a dream in running heaven. This area is covered in lush greens and provides for a spectacular view of the city of Canton for those who reach its elevated levels. Next time I’m in Massachusetts, I’m definitely planning on taking advantage of the state’s natural environment.

3.) Stadiums – Kezar Stadium – (California): So, you may be tired of your regular gym activities and want to get outdoors. A great option would be your local high school or university stadium. One in particular comes to mind – the Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, California. Although not the most glamorous track, it does its job in a cinch by being accessible and set in a gorgeous city like San Franscisco.

2.) Beaches – Hanalei Bay, Kauai – (Hawaii): Do you ever wish you could run on the beach like the lifeguards from Baywatch? Well, if you are selective about which ones you run on then Hanalei Bay should definitely be your first choice. This beautifully serene island is home to an even greater beach. With a sight like this, it’s no wonder that it is a top place to run (and afterwards relax).

1. Parks – Central Park – (New York): For those who have never been to New York, this is definitely an outstanding feature of the Big City. This 843 acres plot of land combines the greatest things about the outside in one great place. This includes a beautiful skyline vantage point, hundreds of thousands of people enjoying the beautiful weather of New York, and a natural jungle in that of a concrete one. If you have to run anywhere, this park is definitely one that you’ll want to exercise at.