Should You Text Him? A Flowchart Makes The Decision For You [PHOTO]

January 6, 2012 10:03 am

There was once a movie/book entitled ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.‘ This movie/book taught girls everywhere many valuable lessons:

if he’s not calling – he’s just not that into you,

if he’s not asking you out – he’s just not that into you,

most important rule for 21st century dating babes everywhere:

if he’s not texting you – he’s just not that into you.

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For the hour after the female population saw this movie, girls everywhere thought they had finally figured it out. Will I call him? No way. Will I ask him out? Over Carrie Bradshaw‘s dead body! Will I text him? Sorry I’m too busy blasting Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” to even have time for that.

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But then Friday night hit. All of the valuable lessons we learned from this epic movie and from love gurus like Patti Stanger were suddenly thrown out the window. I mean maybe he’s not texting me because his phone is dead…or he lost my number…or he thinks I don’t like him because I haven’t texted him. Once the liquor and the sight of our friends with boyfriends kicked in, we were dunzo. Texting engaged.

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Let’s fast forward to the next morning: regret, regret, regret. He didn’t text back?! He sent me a one word answer?! You obviously shouldn’t have texted him and the rational part of your brain always knew this.

To avoid ever making these dating mistakes again commit this epic flowchart to memory. Follow the simple yes or no answers and voila! Your texting destiny has been answered. Or if that doesn’t work and you know for sure you shouldn’t text that guy you’re obsessing over, try our favorite trick of changing his name in your phone to something like: Don’t Text You Will Regret This. Works like a charm. Check out the chart below!

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