Rare Fly Named After Pop Diva Beyonce

January 13, 2012 2:32 pm

Quite a buzz was created this week when scientists in Australia named a rare horse fly from far northern Queensland, after pop diva Beyonce. The previously unnamed species, that has been around since 1981 (the same year that Beyonce was born), has now been given the name “Scaptia (Plinthina) Beyonceae.”

Beyonce Names Her Baby ‘Blue Ivy’

Bryan Lessard, from Australia’s science agency Csiro, said: “It was the unique, dense golden hairs on the fly’s abdomen that led me to name this fly in honour of the performer Beyonce.” Lessard also called the bug the “all-time diva of flies.”

When Will Beyonce Give Fans A Pic of Blue Ivy?

Beyonce is not the first celeb to have a species named after her. Other celebs that have inspired species names include Harrison Ford (Pheidole harrisonfordi), Stephen Colbert (Agaporomorphus colberti), Paul McCartney (Struszia mccartneyi), Sting (Hyla stingi), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Agra schwarzeneggeri), just to name a few!