YouTuber Rob Anderson Helps You Get Over Your Ex [VIDEO]

January 16, 2012 1:15 pm

We’ve heard an endless amount of relationship advice from love experts such as Carrie Bradshaw and Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger but we love hearing it from a guy’s point of view. [CAUTION: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]

Meet YouTube user WheresRobAnderson [@RobbyAnderson]who has come up with a brilliant list of ways you can get over your ex. Check out this guy’s steps for how you should forget your ex below!

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1. Find the events you were going to attend with your ex with and replace your ex with friends. Take your gay friend to the national tour of ‘In The Heights’!
2. Do not exchange gifts within the first 3 months of the relationship.
3. Distance yourself from objects that remind you of your ex. That Birkin bag was just another excuse for someone to mug you. Just because you still use that electric razor she gave you, doesn’t mean she owns your face.
4. Don’t overeat. You don’t want to look in the mirror, see an extra 20 pounds of body fat and then hate yourself!
5. Don’t be insane. The produce section should not remind you of anyone you dated.
6. Don’t let your breakup ruin songs you love. Those songs were not written for you despite how much they seem to relate to you.

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Now, once you’ve moved on WheresRobAnderson suggests you shouldn’t tell anyone about your new relationship for at least 3 months. Imagine how sucky it will feel if your new relationship ends before the 3 month mark and you suddenly have to go through this list all over again!

Rebounds are always encouraged of course. You can’t really move on from your ex until you meet someone new anyways, right?

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Check out all the hilarity below. Somehow we think this guy will have tons of dates after this viral video.

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