Demi Lovato Wants Your Jeans [VIDEO]

January 18, 2012 12:40 pm

Demi Lovato topped our list for 2011 Breakout Stars, and now, she’s taking her stardom to a whole other level by taking a stand against homelessness.

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In this “Teens For Jeans” PSA campaign for and Aeropostale, Demi wants you to donate your jeans to help cloth those in need.

Over the past four years, they’ve collected over one-million pairs of jeans and with Demi pledging for this awareness, it’ll only get bigger.

“I’m donating my jeans. Clean out your closet and donate yours too,” says Demi.

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You can donate any of your jeans between January 16 to February 12 to any Aeropostale clothing store. For more information visit TeensForJeans.