Denise Richards Clarifies Her ‘Creepy Comment’ About Ex-Husband Charlie Sheen [AUDIO]

January 19, 2012 12:11 pm

Denise Richards called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday to talk about her recent ‘creepy comment about ex-husband Charlie Sheen, and what we can expect from her upcoming two episode guest appearance on 30 Rock starting this Thursday on NBC 8/7c.

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During Denise’s guest appearance on 30 Rock she will play the part of “a celebrity spokesperson for ‘The Idiot Committee’, and Tina Fey’s character greatly insults them. Tina wrote the character where I play an exaggerated version of myself and I get to be a big idiot, and the head of their committee.” Tune in to watch Denise on 30 Rock tonight on NBC 8/7 c.

Denise clarified an earlier statement that her relationship with ex-husband Charlie Sheen had become “something like brother and sister” saying:

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“When I said that I thought ‘Oh, boy. That might sound a little bit creepy.’ My point being that we have such a good relationship, and now we are very good friends. We’ve become confidantes for each other, and we’ve been through a lot. So to be on this side of it I’m thrilled. Everything is good.”

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However how is the beautiful mother of two able to maintain such a good relationship with her former flames? The blonde bombshell states:

“Well, I love all my -exs. I’m friendly with almost every single one of them. They are all great men. We’re in a really great place. Obviously, a long time ago we went through a lot of stuff, and its much better now just keeping the peace this way then being at war with each other. It’s less toxic. It’s peaceful.”

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