Hilary Duff Is Back In The Recording Studio!

January 23, 2012 2:07 pm

Singer/actress Hilary Duff has always expressed an interest in releasing another album, her last album Dignity was released in 2007. Now, the former star of “Lizzie McGuire” may be 7 months pregnant, but she certainly isn’t letting that stop her! She told E! News:

Hilary Duff Has Been Having Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

“I think that after I have the baby I’ll want to sit still for a few months and learn how to be a really good mom and then there’s no reason why I can’t put a record out and tour…It might take a little while but I’m really excited about it.”

What Should Hilary Duff Name Her Baby!?

Well, Hilary was recently spotted with music producer Matt Squire going into the recording studio. In fact, Hilary and Matt even tweeted about the session and it sounds like things went well!





VIA: E! News