Katherine Heigl Still Gets Jealous When She Watches Grey’s Anatomy! [AUDIO]

January 24, 2012 9:25 am

Actress Katherine Heigl called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about her new movie One For The Money, how she feels about one night stands and the possibility of coming back to Grey’s Anatomy.

There were big headlines last week when Katherine mentioned that she sometimes regrets leaving Grey’s Anatomy. She says: “I would love to at least go back for a handful of episodes to just sort of see where she’s [Izzie] at, see what she’s up to, and sort of resolve her relationship with Alex.” She continues, “I get very jealous if I ever watch the show and Alex is with somebody else. I just think Izzie needs to come back in and claim her man.” However, Katherine has not yet been approached to come back to the show.

Katherine’s new movie One For The Money opens in theaters on Friday. It’s basically Erin Brockovich meets Dog The Bounty Hunter. “It’s a really fun project because it’s based on these books that I am totally obsessed with, and in love with, and lots of people are,” she says. “It was so important to me to keep it true to the novels and not deviate in the characters and story and I feel like we were able to do that.”

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In the movie Katherine’s character, Stephanie, has a one night stand. To cliche the guy never calls and he even writes something crass on a bathroom wall. So, years later and furious, she decides to runs him over with a car. “I think I’d probably feel the same way. It’s a shame spiral for me, I never feel good about it. It’s not for me,” Katherine tells us.

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In real life Katherine has a 3-year old daughter named Naleigh with singer husband, Josh Kelley, who they adopted in September of 2009. Recently, when Katherine was on The View, little Naleigh also decided to make an appearance. “Yeah, she’s quite the ham. I can’t keep that girl off the stage,” Katherine tells us. Clearly she is not shy around the cameras, looks like she may follow in her mom’s footsteps!

Katherine’s movie One For The Money opens in theaters everywhere January 27th and you can check out Naleigh’s debut on The View below: