Will Jake, Kasey & Vienna Return To ‘Bachelor Pad’? [AUDIO]

January 26, 2012 12:01 am

Well, we are right in the middle of enjoying this season of The Bachelor, but Bach-Hards are already gossiping about who’s going to be on the new season Bachelor Pad. We have learned that they are hoping to bring back the same awesome mess from last season, but with a new twist.

Jake Pavelka Confirms He Would Do ‘The Bachelor’ Again

Last year on The Bachelor Pad all the drama revolved around Vienna Girardi, her BF at the time, Kasey Kahl and their fight with her ex-fiancée Jake Pavelka. Since then, Vienna and Kasey had a bad breakup and now producers want to bring them all back, so Jake and Kasey can team up against Vienna.

Does Vienna Girardi Think Ex Jake Pavelka Is Being Sincere on ‘Bachelor Pad 2?’

If you thought Vienna battling with one bitter ex was good TV, just wait for double the fun!

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