Kristen Stewart Looks Gorgeous In New ‘Snow White’ Stills [PHOTO]

January 27, 2012 11:11 am

Though it doesn’t hit theaters until June 1st, 2012, Snow White and the Huntsman is getting fans geared up for the film by releasing a stunning new photo of star Kristen Stewart in action. In the screenshot from the film, tween idol KStew looks intense, a bit scared, and above all: really beautiful.

Twilight Stars Make Best Impressions Of Each Other [VIDEO]

No wonder evil queen Charlize Theron has sent huntsman Chris Hemsworth out to kill her– she’s definitely the fairest of them all! The Twilight star plays a much different character from Bella Swan, as she fights ferociously for her own life in the Dark Forest. Catch the trailer for the film below!