Nicki Minaj & David Guetta Release Frightening Teaser for ‘Turn Me On’ [VIDEO]

January 27, 2012 10:58 am

A dark alley. An axe being dragged, scrapping against the cobblestoned grounds. In the darkness stands a man in a mask. Is he crazy? Perhaps. Mannequins creepily stare as you pass by, almost as if souls are entrapped in their plastic bodies. The mannequins come to life as a mysterious woman on a horse gallops her way into this gated fort.

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What may sound like a scene from a horror movie is actually a teaser from David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s “Turn Me On” video, which is scheduled to premiere on January 31st.

So what could this video mean?

Well, lets break down the lyrics, shall we?

Doctor, doctor, need you bad, hold me babe
Doctor, doctor, where ya at? Give me something
I need your love, I need your love, I need your loving
You got that kind of medicine that keeps me coming
My body needs a hero, come and save me
Something tells me you know how to save me
I’ve been feeling real low, oh I need you
Come and rescue me

Make me come alive, come on and turn me on
Touch me, save my life, come on and turn me on
I’m too young to die, come on and turn me on
Turn me on, turn me on, turn me on, turn me on

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Could it be that the mannequins represent faceless people in need of saving? Maybe the wild horses are a symbol of feeling careless, wild and free – means of escape from this society. The mad man could very much be representing the society, and its expected norms and restrictions? Perhaps Nicki is implying that she is in dire need of someone to help her get out of a routine.

Who knows? All I can say is: I’d pick Nicki’s life, any day!

VIA: Idolator