See David Beckham In His Underwear [VIDEO]

February 1, 2012 11:50 pm

It’s here and it’s early! David Beckham is in his whitey tighties for all to see in his new H&M ad. The plan was to premiere the commercial during the Super Bowl, but it’s here now and the females in the building aren’t complaining.

David Beckham’s New Super Bowl Ad [PHOTO]

This H&M ad is completely dedicated to all things David Beckham (his abs and tattoos). It only makes sense considering the advertisement is for his debut bodywear line for men. The 30-second black and white ad mesmerizes the eye of the beholder with its camera movements tracing David’s athletic figure.

David Beckham Reveals ‘Justin Bieber Is Great With Kids’ [AUDIO]

Go ahead and watch the video over and over again. There’s no judging here.

VIA: Hulu