M.I.A Takes The Middle East By Storm In ‘Bad Girls’ [VIDEO]

February 3, 2012 12:24 pm

“Live fast” is exactly what M.I.A did in her debut video of “Bad Girls”.

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The scene is set in the Middle East: within the desert outskirts of the land, in the middle of nowhere. Graffiti displaying Arabic calligraphy mark brick walls. Fast cars, men dancing in traditional attire and powerful looking women serve as the theme throughout the video. The British singer can be seen filing her nails on the side of the car that is being driven in full speed, tilted on two wheels.

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The single was released earlier this week and M.I.A has continued to stay under the radar with the video premiering shortly after. The edgy singer definitely has a history of over-the-top controversial and politics driven videos, this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

VIA: Rap-Up