Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Make For An Effortless Super Bowl Preshow [VIDEO]

February 5, 2012 5:00 pm

The 46th Annual Super Bowl started off with a patriotic bang as country music’s superstar couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton took the stage to sing “America the Beautiful” with two time Grammy award winner Kelly Clarkson ending the preshow dominating the “National Anthem.”

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Newlyweds Miranda and Blake stood side by side to honor America. Dressed in a black leather jacket, Miranda clearly transcended the song’s lyrics through her pinkish purple studded microphone, and Blake certainly didn’t disappoint wearing his traditional gray vest. The two harmonized so well together, and when they ended the song with the lyrics, “From sea to shining sea,” the two turned to each other generating some of game day’s happiest faces.

With America’s original Idol on hand, there’s no way that Kelly could have disappointed the millions and millions of game day viewers. Kelly looking fierce with her new hair do (bangs), she didn’t miss a beat, hitting all the right notes for the “National Anthem.” A children’s choir were on hand, just adding that extra touch.

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With the preshow looking this good, we’re excited to see what the halftime show has to offer.