10 Best Super Bowl Commercials — Clint Eastwood Is America’s Coach [VIDEO]

February 6, 2012 12:04 am

As 100 million viewers watched the New York Giants muscle their way to victory in Super Bowl XLVI, advertisers pulled out all the stops to grab the attention of fans who tune in for the game but stay for the commercials. Check out our list of the top 10 commercials of Super Bowl Sunday and let us know which were YOUR favorite below!

Honorable Mention: Audi – Vampire Party

We felt a little weird including this one with the rest of the countdown because we’ve been watching it online for weeks, but Audi definitely deserves a nod for finding a clever way to integrate their new daylight LED headlights with the popularity of vampire culture.

10.) Volkswagon – Dog Strikes Back

Volkswagon slyly sneaks an ad inside an ad, opening with a pudgy dog who adopts a mean exercise regime and closing with a Darth Vader cameo.

9.) H&M – David Beckham Bodywear for H&M

No smoke and mirrors here people, just good old-fashioned sex appeal courtesy of David Beckham.

8.) Chevrolet – 2012

Chevy puts Ford on notice in this ad that is meant to highlight the longevity of their workhorse trucks.

7.) Coca-Cola – Catch (Starring NE Bear)

Coca-Cola not only live-streamed video of their polar bears reacting in real time to the game, but also ran this broadcast ad in the second quarter dependent on whichever team was under stress at the time. The New England version made it to air.

6.) E*Trade – Fatherhood

The E*Trade babies never fail to deliver and this year’s delivery room comedy was no exception.

5.) Best Buy – Phone Innovators

At the risk of geeking out on America, Best Buy introduced us to some of the world’s most brilliant yet unrecognizable inventors all while poking fun at Alec Baldwin’s Words With Friends airplane debacle.

4.) Honda – Matthew’s Day Off

This ad saw massive success online before ever hitting a television screen and proved that Ferris Bueller’s day is long from over.

3.) Skechers – GO RUN Mr. Quiggly

If you don’t laugh at a dog in running shoes moonwalking over a finish line, you have problems.

2.) Bud Light — Rescue Dog

Bud Light puts a twist on their “Here We Go” tagline with “Weego” the rescue dog with a talent for cocktailing.

1.) Chrysler — Halftime in America

How do you follow up last year’s celebrated Chrysler commercial starring Eminem? Call 4-time Oscar winner and internationally recognized badass Clint Eastwood.

Did we leave your favorite out? Let us know in the comments below!