‘Idol’ Group Night Features Meltdowns, Stage Parents, & A Nasty Stomach Bug [VIDEO]

February 10, 2012 7:00 am

When Ryan Seacrest bid us farewell on Wednesday night, Symone Black had just taken a terrifying tumble off the front of the stage mere moments after finishing her beautiful rendition of “Sitting On The Dock of the Bay.” Luckily, first thing tonight we saw Symone getting the medical attention she needed, not to mention a much-deserved pass through to the next round. Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez were just as shaken as the contestants were, and the mood in the auditorium was somber after Symone left for the hospital, but as Ryan said, “the show must go on.”

And it did, making for the most dramatic episode of ‘Idol’ ever where nobody actually performed. Jeremy Rosada, the germaphobe from Wednesday night, went through, but Lauren Mink and St. Louis stand-out Ethan Jones had to pack up and go home. They put on happy faces and took off, leaving 185 hopefuls about to face the group round.

Below, I’ve listed 10 of the most intense, strange and upsetting moments from last night’s “Idol.” Check them out and then vote on whichever moment you will remember for the rest of Season 11!

First, some context: Executive Producer Ken Warwick put a pin in everybody’s plan when he announced that there had to be Day 1 and Day 2 members in each group. Like back in 1st grade gym, when you had to pair up with someone from a different class to play basketball, this really upset the contestants.

Alisha Bernhardt: This St. Louis cop would only settle for singing “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland or “Joy to the World.” She didn’t take lightly to anybody insulting either song, and eventually turned to threatening some kids before happily announcing “I got my group!” Later, the proud public servant was having a lot of trouble picking up her song, though, and had a lot of attitude when her team member Christian caught the “Idol Bug.”

Amy Brumfield: Although Ryan called her “Patient Zero,” Amy’s sickness seemed much more related to her attitude than her body. No puke? No flu. Despite looking pretty worn-down, Amy insisted that she had the Big Man Upstairs on her side and that she wouldn’t give up, even if the Devil wanted her to. She got picked up by Alisha but eventually chose to join “Make You Believers” with Jackie Sera, Mathenee Treco and Justin Cundiff, and eventually seemed to get things together.

MIT: It was astonishing to see the high number of contestants unwilling to sacrifice musical taste in order to sing, but Richie Law joined up with Hee-Jun Han, Phillip Phillips, and Jayran in order to form the “Most International Team.” The first issue was Phillip having some kind of kidney stone incident that was pretty hush-hush. Then Hee-Jun had a mountain of trouble with the “Cowboy,” calling it a war between East and West. Richie made some disparaging comments about democracy to back up his decision that it had to be his way or the highway, making Hee-Jun talk about packing his bags and going home– again. Does this kid want to be an Idol or does he just give up when it gets hard?

Brianna Bell and the Bettys: Like Alisha, Brianna Bell had “high standards” when it came to what song she would sing. She found a group in The Bettys, made up of her, Jen, Kerry, Gabrielle and Sharie. Gabrielle was throwing up but still managing to showcase her impressive voice. When Kelly and Sharie begged to go to sleep, though, Jen had a big problem with that. She chose to stay up and cry until Brianna came back and the two of them struggled through their problem areas. Jen said that all 20-year-olds should be able to work while sleep deprived, but maybe that’s why Brianna was unable to remember any lyrics.

Stage Parents: Even Brielle Von Hugel’s mother knows that she’s a supreme bossy pants. But mommy dearest also said that Kyle Crews, aka “one of the best male voices” the judges had heard, was the weakest voice and shouldn’t be allowed to start the set. Symone and her stage father came back into the convention center, and she said she needed to stay hydrated and eat more. Her dad clarified that she just needed to drink more. With that kind of attitude, maybe he doesn’t really know what is best for his talented daughter.

So what did you think was the most memorable part of tonight’s episode? What or who will you be talking about tomorrow, or next week, or in Season 12? Take our poll below or hit the comments if we missed your favorite moment!