24K Gold Nail Polish Created For The Grammys [PHOTO]

February 12, 2012 4:52 pm

I feel so honored to have received this…24 karat gold nail?

With the 54th annual Grammys upon us, many nominated celebrities are excited about the possibility of winning an award or two, but no award is ever guaranteed, leaving enough suspense to keep the rich and famous fidgeting with their hands.

With or without an award, Red Carpet Manicure is making sure no celebrity goes home without the gold…on their nails!

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Amor 24 is a limited edition lacquer collection that contains 24 karat gold, making each bottle worth $5,000 and each nail $40. It makes sense that the production and development process for this unique collection took around three months. A Red Carpet Manicure‘s patent pending gel base formulation with a collection of gold pigments is blended with the 24K gold dust under pressure into the base. The gold dust is pulverized enough to disperse into the formula.

Red Carpet Manicure Gold Bottle

This collection will be available in the Grammy gift lounge where a team of celebrity manicurists will work their magic on the performers and presenters. And gentlemen don’t worry, this collection isn’t only for women, American Idol’s very own Elliot Yamin has also rocked his gold-plated nails.

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The company has titled the different shades of nail polish as “I Can’t Believe It,” “My Thank You Speech,” “Award Winning” and “It’s a Champagne Night” to go with the theme of the event.

The guests will leave with a gift bag containing an upcoming awards nail polish collection as well as the Pro Kit.

“There are so many fantastic artists out there who are trendsetters. It’s a great way to engage with the Grammy theme while having fun with your nails,” said Red Carpet Manicure spokesperson Courtney Engle. “Taylor Swift getting a gold guitar on her nail would be kind of cool.”

You Could Win A Trip To The 54th GRAMMY Awards!

Sorry to disappoint the uninvited who are getting ready to write out checks. This product is not available to the masses just yet, but fear not trendsetters of the world! You can still celebrate the Grammys at home with their affordable LED Gel Polish for only $9.99.

Via: Red Carpet Manicure