Nicki Minaj Discusses Her Controversial Grammys Performance [AUDIO]

February 13, 2012 12:20 pm

Nicki Minaj called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about her alter-ego “Roman,” give her opinion on M.I.A.’s Super Bowl “digit malfunction,” and chat about her favorite record “Starships” which Ryan Seacrest will premiere tomorrow at 6 A.M. PST, and you’ll be able to listen to it live here.

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On Her Grammy “Red Riding Hood” Outfit (1:15)
“I wasn’t going to do the red carpet…but I had this amazing robe made for me by Versace sent from Milan…I was originally going to wear it during the performance, but when I got it, it was a little heavy for the performance.”

On The Decision to Perform “Roman Holiday” (3:50)
“The Grammys chose ‘Roman Holiday.’ The producers of the Grammys came into the studio, and they heard ‘Roman Holiday’ and I could not play them another record after they heard that. I could have chosen to do a no-brainer pop song, but I can’t do it anymore. I have to stay true to what I’m doing.”

On Working with Madonna for the Super Bowl (5:50, 7:30)
“Meeting Madonna changed my life. Madonna was the first person in history that made me change my wig. I went through four color changes on my wig for the Super Bowl. We got the platinum blonde, and she smiled. Once she smiled I thought, ‘Thank you Jesus. I can’t take it anymore!’ She was also one of the only people to get me to wear red lipstick.”

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On M.I.A.’s “Digit Malfunction” at the Super Bowl (9:30)
“In hindsight, Madonna knows what kind of artist M.I.A. is and it was her decision to take that risk with all of us. She [Madonna] has done some crazy things to become the icon that she is, and I think that’s why she was able to forgive M.I.A…. I couldn’t see myself doing that. Just out of respect for Madonna, because I just wouldn’t want any backlash coming back on Madonna.”

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On World Premiere of Her Newest Single “Starships” (11:50)
“‘Starships” is one of my absolute favorite records on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and it just sounds like a Ryan Seacrest type of record. I’m so excited for you to give this song your blessing, Ryan, because I know people are going to love it….now it’s time to make people dance, and have fun.”