Wendy Williams Breaks Down While Discussing Whitney Houston [VIDEO]

February 13, 2012 5:33 pm

TV personality Wendy Williams addressed the death of Whitney Houston on her program today, breaking down while she spoke of her personal connection with the late singer. She spoke of her own struggles with drugs and said she had hoped that she and Whitney could be “sober and older” together one day.

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“After I say what I say, I’m not talking about it anymore,” Wendy started, before launching into her personal connection with Whitney. Even though they had never met each other, Wendy felt close with the singer because of their shared history with drugs and the fact that they both are part of a “subculture of our society: the addict.” She encouraged her audience members to “call out” anybody they know who might suffer from addiction in order to help them before it’s too late. “I’m one of the lucky ones,” said Wendy.

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The recovered addict couldn’t hold back her tears as she spoke frankly with her audience, ending with “I love you, Whitney.” Wendy is just the latest of many celebrities to address Whitney’s death, but this is one of the most upfront and emotional goodbyes that we’ve seen so far. Watch the video below: