Taylor Swift Releases Haunting Music Video for ‘Safe & Sound’ [VIDEO]

February 14, 2012 11:19 am

With the “The Hunger Games” due out next month (March 23), it’s only appropriate for Grammy Award winners Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars to premiere their music video for the movie’s lead song “Safe & Sound.”

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The video showcases Taylor in an early morning setting wearing a long white dress with her hair in loose waves, walking through the woods barefoot. The leafless trees and the feeling of isolation makes for an eery music video. It might make you feel like you’re watching a eerie movie considering Taylor actually sits on real grave stones and clips from the movie are non-existent.

Some of the lyrics include, “Just close your eyes. You’ll be alright. Come morning light. You and I’ll be safe and sound.”

The song, which T. Swift refers to as a lullaby, is very gloomy and different from most of her country records. Taylor, who co-wrote this single, can’t believe it actually turned into a single for this highly anticipated movie.

In a recent interview with MTV Taylor shares, “I had this title that I’d been working with called ‘Safe & Sound’ and I just knew that I wanted it to deal with sort of the empathy, sort of the more sensitive, sad, bittersweet side of this story [Hunger Games]. Never imagining that this would be picked for a single because it’s a lullaby.”

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Check out the entire video below and let us know what you think of the latest from Taylor.

VIA: Celebuzz, MTV