Donald Trump Prefers His Grandchildren Call Him ‘Mr. Trump’ [AUDIO]

February 16, 2012 8:34 am

Donald Trump called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday to talk about upcoming season premiere of “Celebrity Apprentice,” what he prefers his grandchildren call him and if his son-in-law is bidding to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“The Donald” has been a grandfather for some time, but he refuses to be called Grandpa.” He pleads, “call me anything, but that! It’s beautiful and endearing, but it’s a tough term to get use to.” So what are his grandchildren allowed to call Donald? “Let them call me Mr. Trump. Let them call me Donald. but anything but Grandpa!”

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Currently, Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is considered a serious bidder on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trump says: “He’s a very smart guy, and he’s looking at it. I don’t know if he’s necessarily going to go all the way, but he’s looking at it, and he’s done really well. He has been looking at the Dodgers, absolutely.”

On Contestants Debbie Gibson, Clay Aiken, & Paul Teutul
Trump concedes that Debbie Gibson “is a great person, but she has some likes and dislikes. I was surprised by it.” However, there was one contestant that surprised him. “Clay Aiken. He is tough I thought he would be not so tough. I thought that he would be just a nice guy with a good voice, but he is nasty.”

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He continues, “Honestly, he [Clay Aiken] is a good guy, but smart and tough. I think he may be my biggest surprise in terms of level of toughness.  A lot of times you expect to see somebody like Paul Sr. to be tough…but he’s [Clay Aiken] turned out to be something unbelievable.”

The Celebrity Apprentice season 5 premieres this Sunday 9/8 c on NBC.