Hilarious YouTuber Teaches You How To Look Like Ryan Gosling [VIDEO]

February 16, 2012 12:15 pm

The ladies want to date him and the gents want to look like him. His face, his hair, his physique and his charisma (lets not forget his acting skills) has gotten everyone gushing about this Hollywood heartthrob. Yes, you guessed right: We are talking about Ryan Gosling.

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Unfortunately, many of us don’t look like the hottest celebrities in town. Joey Thompson, however, appears to be blessed in that department. He has made it a mission to share his luck with those around him with a wonderful tutorial on “How To Look Like Ryan Gosling.”

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From the amount of facial hair, to pushing the jaw out at just the right angle, Joey has provided us with sacred information to bring out our inner Ryan Gosling. Watch the hilarious video below!

VIA: YouTube