Chris Brown Channels Michael Jackson For ‘Turn Up The Music’ [VIDEO]

February 17, 2012 12:44 pm

Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music’ is set in a rave-like environment, and consists of brilliant dance moves and tailored suits. Not to mention lots of Michael Jackson references.

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The video parallels several signature moves that the late Michael Jackson was known for. Chris Brown can be seen doing the trademark hat tilt and crotch grab in the middle of his dance moves. Silhouettes of dancers standing on the scaffolding marks the beginning of the video. Chris also has an outfit change, wearing white pants in the rain. Could it be in honor of the King of Pop?

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The video ends with Chris splitting into three people, coming back together as one, and finally breaking the camera lens. We knew the song was good, but the video takes it to a whole new level!

VIA: YouTube