Find Out If Your ‘American Idol’ Favorite Survived Las Vegas [VIDEO]

February 17, 2012 6:36 am

After suffering through “the rooms” and probably singing “99 Bottles” on the bus, the remaining “American Idol” hopefuls arrived in Las Vegas with Ryan Seacrest. It looked like some of the contestants were forgetting that another 30 or so people were about to get cut in the next two days. Unfortunately, we forgot too and many favorites went home on tonight’s episode. However, we cannot forget the ones who made it through, so let’s take a look at what went down in Vegas.

The singers were grouped up by 3’s and 4’s (and one specific duo that we’ll see later) and were given a 1950’s or 1960’s era song to perform after getting help from vocal coaches Peggi Blu or Peisha McPhee (Katharine McPhee’s mother!)

Cari Quoyeser, the last remaining member of “The Bettys” was the first to leave Vegas, but favorites Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon made it through, along with country singer Chase Likens. Without Eban, wunderkinds Jeremy, Gabi, David and Ariel still rocked “Rockin’ Robin” and all were put through to the next round. Others to make it through without surprise were Adam Brock, Erika Van Pelt, Angie Ziederman and Shelby Tweten (below), but the judges still seemed shaky on their decision about Gaga-esque Angie.

Above: Up next was an adorable but bland performance by Schyler Dixon, bossy-pants Brielle Von Hugel, and their third partner named Molly, who got axed. Eban, Reed, Elise and new face Haley didn’t have the same problem– their version of “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” had a lot of personality and they all moved on (although it was weird to see Eban with lipstick on his cheek…)

Richie Law and Jermaine Jones made up the only group of 2 and it seemed like it was going to be “Richie vs. the world” all over again when he put the problems of the group onto his partner. In the words of JLo we were all left wondering, “What dis gon be?”  Luckily, their song was a “duet and not a duel.” Thanks for the soundbite Richie, but maybe try being a bit more humble!

Above: Jessica Sanchez reminded us of Idol native Jennifer Hudson with the way she took the stage by storm. Group-mate Deandre Brackensick had an awesome falsetto and Candice Glover was able to hold her own although she didn’t stand out quite as much. The same problem plagued the next group– 4 guys who looked and sounded so similar that we could barely tell them apart even with their names were being flashed across the TV. After their revival of “Grease,” Curtis Gray was sent home.

Above: Favorites Joshua Ledet and Shannon Magrane made it through after their performance of “Blue Suede Shoes,” and the next group up seemed like they would have similar success. Courtney Williams, Jessica Phillips and Britnee Kellogg (below) didn’t waste time rehearsing with the band because they are all professional singers, but the lack of objectivity hurt them and they didn’t sound as good as they had hoped. Jessica was sent home to her boyfriend while her teammates moved forward.

Above: Lauren Gray, Mathenee Treco, Wendy Taylor had a rough night with Peggi, but their performance gave JLo a classic case of the goosies! Lauren still doesn’t seem to have great control over her volume, but with a soulful voice like that, who really cares?

Above: Our favorite part of the night had to have been when Jairon, Heejun, Phillip and Richie Law replacement Neco Starr (great name, right?) were singing “I Only Have Eyes For You.” Whipping the guys into shape, Peggi turned out to be a blessing for them. Their performance was surprisingly strong, both as a group and individually. With viewers feeling confident about them sailing through, Randy still tried to trick us into believe that they were going home. How funny is it when they all fall down after hearing the good news?

Above: The powerhouse made up of Creighton, Aaron, Nick, Jen put on a good performance, although Peisha was right to worry that they were too good as a group, causing them to blend in. Somehow, the judges managed to pick out Nick and send him home.

Now came the really heartbreaking part of the episode for both the contestants and for us the audiences (below.) It was time for the judges to go back through all the remaining contestants and chop the group down to 42.

Singers who had just been told they were safe were sent home unceremoniously and some unfortunately,  took it harder than others. 17-year-old Gabi got booted from her Idol family and Colton Dixon couldn’t stand watching his 16-year-old sister Schyler go home, especially because he wasn’t supposed to audition this year in the first place. MIT member Jairon was sent home just minutes after we watched his stellar performance, and Britnee Kellogg sobbed as she wondered how the judges could cut her after “every performance was perfect.”

With them went Angie Ziederman, who said that there are other ways to make things happen 42 hopefuls still remain with the chance to be the next America’s Idol! Tune in next week for the answers to important questions, like: “Who made it to the top 24? “”Why is there water around the stage?” and the timeless question “Why is Steven Tyler naked?”