‘Hunger Games’ Star Elizabeth Banks Shares Intense Moments While Filming

February 21, 2012 1:55 pm

With “The Hunger Games” hitting theaters next month, the movie’s cast are hitting up press junkets to give exclusive insights into the world of this sci-fi drama.

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Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinkett, remembers there were some intense days of shooting the movie. Although she admits that the Reaping scene was incredible to shoot, the weather was just way too hot. Temperatures hit 105 degrees for a couple of days.

Banks tells MTV News, “We had all these young kids there dropping like flies. It was madness, and it’s also the only time we spend in District 12.”

The 40 Year Old Virgin” starlet can’t wait for the movie to come out. She shares which scenes from the movie she cannot wait to see on the silver screen.

“I have not seen much of the arena, so I’m excited to see the actual Games. It’s very emotional. We really become very attached to the characters, even Cato and Thresh, kind of the bad guys of the book. We really are attached to everybody’s journey, and so I’m really excited to see how that all plays out,” says Banks.

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You can catch the Reaping scene on the big screen when “The Hunger Games” hits theaters March 23!