LMFAO Unleashes Music Video for ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ [VIDEO]

February 21, 2012 9:28 pm

LMFAO has done it again with the video premiere of “Sorry For Party Rocking!” They are keeping everyone on their feet by causing a racket and partying a little too hard.

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The song serves as a prequel to the video for “Party Rock Anthem,” explaining the birth of shuffling and why Redfoo and SkyBlu landed in the hospital. The video begins with LMFAO’s grumpy old neighbor attempting to put an end to the excessive partying. Little does he know that the the cops that he called to stop the party will soon be joining the festivities and they’re not the only ones. The pizza delivery boy and even his wife join the two party rockers too!

LMFAO Stripping Down To Their Underwear for ‘Sexy & I Know It’[NSFW]

Watch the video consisting of dancing, drinks and an inflatable zebra (yes, you read it right!) that makes us want to put our dancing shoes on and start party rocking!