Why Are More & More Kids Asking Am I Ugly? [VIDEO]

February 22, 2012 7:25 am

There seems to be a trend going around on YouTube where more and more children are posting videos asking the world viewers if they’re ugly or not, and it’s getting pretty brutal.

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A young YouTuber who goes by the username BeautifulandProud posted “Am I Ugly?,” a video that caught the attention of over 65,000 people (video hits), the online news source called Jezebel and our very own Ryan Seacrest himself.

Viewer comments under the video’s page range from negative to positive and back to negative. Here are just a few examples of “brutal” comments people are leaving in response to her video:

“Ugly,” posted by bashaq1.

“Ur head is big,” posted by danidancediva.

“Ya got a big a** forehead. Sorry, but it’s true,” posted wwerulzs64.

“Ugly as f****,” posted by sexyboy293.

“This one is easy……OF COURSE YOU ARE!!! look at you forhead…..It’s a size of an entire planet,” posted by Enushki.

“If you took off all that makeup I’m sure you’d be gorgeous! If you’re worried about your hair (which looked fine to me) then try bangs! You’d look stunning,” posted by WhatMadiThinks.

After watching the video, Ryan decided to propose a question to his Facebook followers, asking them, “What’s causing kids to post these?”

A lot of the responses included thoughts like kids don’t know who to turn to because of bullying at school, while others were wondering where their parents are during all of this. Commenters also suggested that it’s simple: it’s just the society we live in today.

Facebook follower Stephania Addep says, “I believe we all at one point in our lives felt this way but because of social media we are able to see others deepest concerns at ease.”

“How sad. They are being teased and called names in their circle of friends or family (REALLY sad) and don’t know how to deal with it. They lose confidence in themselves, and then turn to the internet,” says follower Jeff Pommerening.

“Parents are supposed to install self worth,” says follower Jolean Banks.

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