Watch Nicki Minaj Rap Before Her Rise To Fame [VIDEO]

February 22, 2012 2:17 pm

Before the wigs, extravagant makeup and outrageous tights, Nicki Minaj rapped straight out of the streets from her hometown of Queens, New York.

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YMCMB (YMCMBOfficial) released a YouTube video of Nicki in “Dirty Money” before she was famous. According to Gothamist, the time this video was shot is suspected to be around the year 2007 when Nicki was creating mixtapes with Dirty Money Records.

What exactly is Dirty Money? According to UrbanDictionary, Dirty Money is defined as “profit from the sale of narcotics, prostitution, guns, or other illegal activities. Money that needs to be laundered.”

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The video shows us a different side of Nicki that’s quite the contrast to her music video for “Super Bass!” Her look may have changed, but her distinctive voice remains the same.


VIA: Gothamist