Help USC Sorority Girl Get Revenge On Her Ex-Boyfriend

February 23, 2012 7:20 am

Won’t you help a sorority sister in need?

Christina, a member of USC’s Pi Beta Phi, needs your help to get revenge against her “hot douche” ex-boyfriend who has left her dateless only days before one of the most important social events at USC this year, The Beaux & Arrows Formal Dance, which is this Friday, February 24th.

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She emailed Ryan announcing her search for the ideal arm candy to take to the event and even admits to posting an ad on Craigslist saying: “I decided that I was going to find a male model that could look great in pictures and show that I was happy without my ex.”

After reviewing Christina’s hilariously specific list of what she’s looking for (see below) Ryan promptly connects her with an ideal candidate. Dancing with the Starsleading man Derek Hough.

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Christina pleads her case to the DWTS champ explaining her ex-boyfreind “is a prominent person around [USC] campus, and I know no better way than to take you then to get back at him!”

While Derek learns how to do “The Bernie”and considers accepting her invitation, Ryan continues his support to help find Christina the ideal dance partner for her formal dance this Friday. Do you fit her list? Look below.

Christina’s Craigslist post outlined her expectation of potential dance partners to her formal dance this Friday:

  • Definitely over 6 feet (do not include height from hair)
  • Steamy and athletic build (6 pack highly preferred)
  • Sharp and classic fashion sense (absolutely no bow tie aficionados–think Clooney)
  • Dance floor swag (plus if you can teach me how to Dougie and/or Bernie)
  • Scintillating smile for photographs (consult Crest Whitestrips for best results)
  • Fantastic sense of humor (if you’re still interested, I assume that you have one)
  • And lastly you must have a strong dedication to hard partying (for an approximate 6 hour period)

If you feel you fit this description, please write a short, creative paragraph in comment section below, and Christina will read them! Please include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Candid Photo (Twitpic or Facebook Profile Link)
  • Reason why you think you can keep up with Christina for an evening!
You can also follow Christina on twitter.