Roselyn Sanchez Named Her Daughter After Sweet Wine [AUDIO]

February 23, 2012 7:15 am

Actress Roselyn Sanchez called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday and chatted about working with active duty Navy SEALs for her new movie “Act of Valor“, and how her daughter got the name Sebella.

On The Origin of Her Daughter’s Name:
“There’s a vineyard in Napa that I went to with my husband for his birthday and we had the most amazing weekend. I don’t drink, so I said, ‘Do you have a sweet wine, like a dessert wine?’ And they brought this beautiful bottle that said Sebella. I tried it and I’m going, ‘This is so good.’ Then I asked, ‘Why Sebella?’ And the owner of the vineyard said because he has twins, Isabella and Sebastian, and he combined both names and made that wine for them. I was like, ‘If I ever have a girl.'”

On Working with Real Navy SEALs:
“They were a little nervous, but I’m really proud of them. Everybody said, ‘But they’re not actors, it’s going to be horrible.’ I’m going, ‘No, just watch the movie, it’s nice.’ It’s endearing because you know before the movie even starts these guys are Navy SEALs. They don’t act, they don’t want to act, this is just like a once in a lifetime experience.”

On Her New Movie “Act of Valor”:
“They called me one day they said, ‘Listen, they want you to do this thing, it’s a small part, this is the script.’ It was the DP of “Terminator‘” the writer of “300,” real Navy SEALs. I met the directors [there were two], young, cool, with a vision and I was like, ‘This could be very, very nice.’ But they said it was a small movie, independent. I said, ‘I’m just going to do it, go to Puerto Rico, I’m Puerto Rican and I have a good time.'”

“Act of Valor” opens in theaters everywhere Friday, February 24th.