Derek Hough & Jason Kennedy Help USC Sorority Girl Get Revenge [AUDIO]

February 24, 2012 8:35 am

Our sorority sister has not one, but two dates for tonight!

Yesterday Christina, a member of USC’s Pi Beta Phi, emailed Ryan needing his help to get revenge against her “hot douche” ex-boyfriend who left her dateless only days before USC’s Beaux & Arrows Formal Dance, which is tonight. She also admitted to creating a hilariously specific Craigslist post searching for a male model to “show that I was happy without my ex-boyfriend.”

Help USC Sorority Girl Get Revenge On Her Ex-Boyfriend [AUDIO]

Ryan teased the bubbly teen Friday saying, “Yesterday I introduced you to the concept of Derek Hough being the perfect guy for you. And when I said Derek Hough you lit up like a sparkler!”

Derek then surprised Christina by calling in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to officially accepted her invitation!

Derek says: “I start the next season [of Dancing with the Stars] next week, so I need to have a little bit of fun, and experience something a little different. So why not? Game on! I’ll bring a buddy of mine, and we’ll have fun. We’ll do ‘The Bernie‘ until the night ends!”

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But wait there’s more…

E! News host, Jason Kennedy has also agreed to not only attend the formal dance, but also bring the E! News crew to cover the entire event which will air in the United States and in 120 countries around the world!

Jason jokes: “Derek is a professional dancer. It’s going to get awkward I feel! I’m totally okay to do this thing, but once we get on the dance floor I’m going to look like an idiot!”

A large limousine will pick up Christina, Derek Hough, and Jason Kennedy as they go to dinner and The Beaux & Arrows Formal Dance.

Check back here early next week for a video of the event!