Harte Elementary Rewarded for Amazing Fundraising Efforts [AUDIO]

February 24, 2012 7:00 am

Friday morning during  “On Air with Ryan Seacrest Long Beach’s Harte Elementary School was helped through a little financial problem.

According to Cassie, a teacher at Harte, the school challenged kids to help raise money to combat government funding cuts. Students that raised $100 or more would be treated to a bowling party. A surprising amount of kids were able to accomplish that goal– who doesn’t love bowling?– but that money should really go towards their education instead of the party.

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“We are so excited that 37 kids were able to reach this goal… We thought maybe 15 [would reach the goal] and we’d just take a city bus,” said Cassie. But when more than double that number of students raised enough money to qualify for the party, she realized a trip for all of them would be a bit more difficult and decided to get some help. “Who better to call than you?” she said to Ryan.

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The nice people over at Bing leant a helping hand and Ryan was able to offer Cassie and the students an all-expenses paid trip to Lucky Strike. Principal “Mr T.” expressed his thanks, saying the school appreciates it “more than you realize.” The fundraiser money can now go towards important things at Harte Elementary, like hiring teachers, buying new books and providing healthier lunches.

The deserving students will surely still have a great time celebrating their accomplishment with a couple rounds of bowling. Listen below to hear Ryan and Ellen K. putting smiles on everyone’s faces over in Long Beach.