Christina Jones Recaps Her Double Date With Jason Kennedy & Derek Hough [AUDIO]

February 27, 2012 7:25 am

Last week when Christina Jones was left dateless just days before USC’s Beaux & Arrows Formal Dance, she emailed Ryan to help get revenge on her “hot douche” ex-boyfriend. She also admitted to creating a hilariously specific Craigslist post searching for a male model to “show that I was happy without my ex-boyfriend.”

Help USC Sorority Girl Get Revenge On Her Ex-Boyfriend

Well, Ryan was able to set up Christina on a double date with “Dancing with the Stars” champion Derek Hough and E! News host Jason Kennedy!

Christina gushes: “We got picked up at my apartment in a limo. I was so surprised and awkward at the door. Everything was hitting me at once. Then we went to dinner and had a great date. The guys were amazing! We had such a great time.”

And has she head from her “hot douche” ex-boyfriend? “Nothing! Not at all. Not one word. I don’t know what he really could say in retaliation to this,” she says. Christina confides that Derek “was the perfect gentleman” and Jason “was a crackup.”

Derek insists: “We had fun. Although we quickly realized… ‘When did we get old?’ Not even looking, but certain things… Like saying ‘Nice whip’ and ‘it’s the hizzy.’ I was just like that’s just ‘super!’ There was a moment when she was talking and I completely tuned out and thought ‘do I look 30-years-old to you?'”

Derek Hough & Jason Kennedy Help USC Sorority Girl Get Revenge [AUDIO]

Derek was a good sport about it. “She taught us how to do ‘The Bernie.’ The last popular dance craze we did was ‘The Macarena!'” According to Jason, more footage from the event will likely air tonight on E! News.

Listen to the full interview below where the guys talk about learning to do ‘The Bernie,’ and be sure to check back tomorrow when Christina Jones reports from the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ casting event.

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