Watch Oprah Start ‘Book Club Fight Club’ with Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

February 27, 2012 1:25 pm

Ever wondered what it would be like to see Oprah beat someone up? Or take a bubble bath? O fans, look no further because Oprah does it all in this hilarious skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Oprah is busy building her new network OWN and Jimmy Kimmel takes this opportunity to pitch some show ideas of his own to Oprah. Does “Book Club Fight Club” or “Oprah Repos Her Favorite Things” appeal to you? It didn’t seem to sit well with Oprah, but these are some laugh-out-loud ideas.

The video features Jimmy in Oprah’s office sitting in a tiny chair, while Oprah looks down on him. Jimmy’s first show pitch is called “Oprah Repos Her Favorite Things,” and it revolves around Oprah stealing all the gifts that she handed out to her audiences over the years. You can also see Oprah dressed in all black stealing a car!

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Our favorite pitch from Jimmy is Oprah’s “Book Club Fight Club.” After watching this clip we now know better to never question Oprah’s knowledge on “To Kill A Mocking Bird” otherwise she might beat us to a pulp.

Check out this genius skit for yourself below!