‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 13 Guys Perform

February 29, 2012 8:00 am

Welcome to the live shows! The top 13 guys took to the new Idol stage last night. The Idol set, like everything else in LA, had a major makeover this season.

Reed Grimm kicked off the first live show of the season by taking his goofy dance moves to the stage to sing a completely rehamronized version of Maroon 5‘s “Moves Like Jagger.” Grimm put a snazzy-jazzy sound to his version of the radio smash hit.

Although the scenery has changed, the show remains the same. Aaron Marcellus took the stage last night to perform the Jackson 5 hit “Never Can Say Goodbye” and received a standing ovation from the crowd and all three judges!

Adam Brock put his own spin on Aretha Franklin‘s “Think” and unleashed “the large black women inside of him.” The entire panel was impressed by Brock’s performance and played around with his new nickname “White-Chocolate.”

Chase Likens, the Brendan Frasier look-alike, strapped on his cowboy boots and sang “Storm Warning” by Hunter Hayes. His range was on point and the crowd seemed entertained!

Creighton Fraker claims he is unlike any other artist and isn’t afraid to be himself. In honor of being unique, Creighton took to the stage singing Cyndi Lauper‘s “True Colors” and Steven Tyler called it “stupendous.”

Colton Dixon‘s sister may have been cut from the show this season, but he is determined to “keep the Dixon name alive.” Based on this performance, it seems like Colton won’t have to worry about joining his sis at home anytime soon. Colton sings a rendition of Paramore‘s “Decode.” He put his personality into his version, making this one of our personal favorites of the night.

Only a senior in high school, Deandre Brackensick has been given the title of “Young Lady Killa” by Randy. Deandre sang “Reasons” by Earth, Wind and Fire , continuing the night of outstanding performances by wowing the judges with his vocal range. Randy even went far enough to say that he is one of the most commercial guys he has ever seen on Idol.

15-year old contestant Eben Franckewitz sang “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele. His experienced some flat notes throughout the song and got a little shaky. It might not have been Eban’s strongest performance this season but we agree with the judges that for only being 15 he sure has a lot of confidence up on the stage.

Funny guy Heejun Hans voice was smooth as silk as he performed “Angels” by Robbie Williams, but the judges all agreed that there are songs out there that can better showcase his talents.

Jeremy Rosado showed his softer side and picked the perfect song for his voice by singing Sara Bareilles‘ “Gravity.” Randy boomed “America, meet Jeremy. Jeremy, meet America.” But what does he mean? Is he suggesting America knows the other 12 male contestants better?

Idol producers ended up bringing back gentle giant Jermaine Jones as the “Wild Card” addition to the men’s Top 12. Did his performance live up to his second chance? The judges sure thought so, but see for yourself!


Another standing ovation of the night for Joshua Ledet. He sang the soulful “You Pulled Me Through” by Jennifer Hudson.

Phillip Phillips sang “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and his cool demeanor made this a great match-up. We loved his melody change and the calm cool set behind him. Jennifer Lopez gave great praise going as far as to say: “last year we came back from the road talking about Scotty McCreery. This year we are talking about Phillip Phillips.” Randy gave what would be considered as the closest thing to a negative comment for the night by saying he wished that Phillips did more with the reharmonization.

All performances of the evening were surprisingly great! This season will be especially hard for audiences to pick their favorite male contestant as they are all extremely talented. The bar has been set high by the guys… Tune in to Fox tonight at 8/7c p.m to find out for yourself.