Betty White Didn’t ‘Flip The Bird At Anybody!’ [AUDIO]

February 29, 2012 9:00 am

Get out of Betty’s way! America’s oldest sweetheart Betty White called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday we just had to get to the bottom of a tabloid story. Allegedly Betty backed into someone in a parking lot, then screamed some choice words at the woman and gave her the one finger salute.

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On The Parking Lot Incident:
“Well, you know that’s what you get for reading the tabloids, you get nothing but truth, of course. First of all I don’t flip the bird at anybody. Secondly, I try to keep a very low profile. I don’t scream at anybody. If I was backing out of a parking lot and backed into her, it wasn’t her fault. I have never backed into anybody out of a parking place. Other than that, it’s a true story!”

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On Her Her Character In The Lorax:
“Well, she’s a feisty old broad. She rides a motorcycle and makes weird noises.” She tells us it was a lot of oofs and aafs. “They want you to do all these noises like you would if you were riding a motorcycle or going over bumps or things like that. Having never ridden a motorcycle, it takes a little imagination.” To get an idea, check out the video below!

Ryan then recited a clever little Dr. Seuss ode, that of course was Betty themed, from the day she was born to her alleged parking lot road rage. She thought Ryan was a genius for putting something like that together and said, “Just think what you could do if you picked a subject that was worth it.” Listen to the full interview below to hear Ryan’s poem to Betty [skip to 3:41] and make sure to see “Dr. Suess’ The Lorax” when it opens in theaters everywhere Friday, March 2nd.