‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 12 Girls Perform [VIDEO]

March 1, 2012 7:00 am

It was ladies night on American Idol as the top 12 girls battled it out on the stage at a chance to be voted into the finals. Tuesday the boys set the bar high and the girls came into tonight determined to show them up. The judges had mostly good reviews for the girls, but we’re starting to think Randy, Steven and Jennifer are getting a little soft on this new Idol class.

Chelsea Sorrell kicked of the evening singing Idol alumn, Carrie Underwood‘s “Cowboy Casanova.” Her performance was average at best but Jennifer Lopez reminded, “It sucks going first.” Her performance appeared to sound nasally and the judges hope to see her find her niche in the competition if she continues.

Following Chelsea was DJ/Singer Erica Van Pelt who says she wants to be “electric” and wants to “rock really hard.” She did just that. Check out Erica singing “What About Love” by Heart below.

25-year old Jen Hirsh from Agora Hills, Ca, brought some soul to the Idol stage last night. The judges are excited about her strong vocal capabilities, Randy even went as far as to tell Jen, “I think you are one of the greatest singers in the competition.” Those are big words Randy!

Brielle Von Hugel  brings some Statan Island attitude to the show this season and could be the most confident performer of the evening, not to mention she’s only 17! When Ryan asked her why she was so confident she replied: “This is where I am suppose to be, this is like my home.” Brielle performed Otis Redding‘s “Dock Of The Bay” and surprised the audience again with her big voice.

Hallie Day mesmerized the audience with her smooth classical sound while looking beautiful. Hallie’s forte is soulful music and all three judges agreed that she sounded great. We can’t help but think she resembles Anna Nicole Smith!

Farmer girl Baylie Brown reigns from Krum, Texas, and this girl is drop-dead stunning. We already know Baylie has a great voice but she lacked control of her vocal performance of  Lonestar‘s “Amazed.” She clearly had an off night and the judges all agreed a poor song choice could be to blame.

Skylar Laine rocked out on stage to a rendition of “Stay With Me” by Faces, being one of the best performances of the evening. Skyler has the qualities that give her a leg up on the competition; she is fearless when it comes to commanding the stage and engaging the audience.

After experiencing vocal troubles this past week due to inflamed vocal cords, Jessica Sanchez was nervous about how she would perform last night. Regardless of her condition and nerves Jessica blew everyone away with her performance of “Love You I Do” by Jennifer Hudson. She was hands down the best performance of the evening received a standing ovation form the three judges and the entire audience.

Hollie Cavanagh impressed the judges with her performance of “Rendition.” Steven Tyler described the performance simply with, “beautiful, just beautiful.”

Haley Johnsen‘s version of Annie Lennox‘s “Sweet Dreams” was certainly interesting and not one of the strongest of the night. Randy described it as a very pitchy throughout and said, “It [performance] was more of a nightmare then a dream.”

Shannon Magrane shows off her passion and strong vibrato singing Kathy Troccoli‘s “Go Light Your World.” We agree with the judges and are so impressed with the talent and confidence of this 16-year-old!

Elise Testone performed Adele‘s “One & Only.” Elise may have been pitchy in places but this is a girl I want to keep my eyes on the rest of the season. A raspy sound that is captivating yet soothing at the same time.

The competition is red-hot this season with both the guys and girls. Remember that only 5 singers from each group gets to move onto the next round! Make sure you vote for your favorite Idol, and tune into Fox tomorrow night at 8/7c p.m. to see if your favorite will make it to finals!