Justin Bieber Will Rap On Upcoming ‘Boyfriend’ Single [VIDEO]

March 1, 2012 8:01 am

Beliebers. Can’t. Wait.

Justin Bieber announced during “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that on March 26th he will be releasing his first single entitled “Boyfriend” in which Bieber ‘talks to this girl saying ‘If I was your boyfriend I would never let you go.'” He continues: “On the verse I’m talking/rapping, and on the hook I’m singing. It’s a really awesome song. I’m think everyone is going to like it.” (Skip to 2:20)

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The teen pop star turned to Mike Posner to co-write the single. Posner is also known for penning other hits including: “Cooler Than Me” featuring Big Sean, “Please Don’t Go,” as well as “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” featuring Bow Wow.

Justin was also shocked when he received his dream car, a Fisker Karma, as surprise birthday gift from manager. Scooter explains: “You work really, really hard. I always yell at you don’t get anything flashy. We’re not about that. Be humble, be humble and I kind of broke my own rule…So we wanted to make sure your were environmentally friendly….and we decided to get you a car that would make you stand out….I think you know where I’m going and you’re kind of freaking out right now…

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Justin’s expression is priceless as he receives this $100,000 electric car. Happy Birthday, J!


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