Miley Cyrus Punks ‘The Hunger Games’ Star Liam Hemsworth [VIDEO]

March 1, 2012 2:27 pm

MTV is bringing back our favorite celebrity prank show, “Punk’D!” The network continues to release previews of upcoming episodes, leaving us hanging with only the pranks’ audio.

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Listen to the teaser below to hear what seems to be Miley Cyrus getting The Hunger Games‘ star and boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth going on a good one. “Oh my god! Babe! There’s two f***ing naked people getting into my f***ing car right now!” You get him, Cyrus!

The original series included big-name stars being fooled and set up  for trouble. It had been hosted by Ashton Kutcher from 2003 airing through 2007. By the end of each prank, Kutcher would surprise the stars exclaiming, “You just got Punk’D!” letting them in on the tricks played on them.

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This time around on “Punk’D,” we’ll see other celebrity-on-celebrity roughhousing. Let the antics begin!

Punk’D returns to MTV on March 29, 2012 at 10/9c.

VIA: Huffington Post