Avril Lavigne Is A Beautiful Mess In New Music Video ‘Goodbye’ [VIDEO]

March 2, 2012 5:50 pm

Rocker Avril Lavigne recently got in touch with her softer side for her most recent studio album “Goodbye Lullaby” which was released last year. Since then she’s been on the road performing and meeting her fans, so as the album cycle comes to an end with her last show, she wanted to thank her “little black stars” for all the support.

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Avril chose to say thank you with a video for her song “Goodbye,” a deeply personal and beautiful track from the 4th studio record. The clip was directed by Mark Liddell and shot at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. In it, the 27-year-old singer sadly waits for someone in a hotel room, drinks champagne out of the bottle and films a flirty video of herself. She looks stunning in her old Hollywood styling but ruins her make-up when she breaks down at the end.

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Before the video begins, the canadian punk-rock chick thanks her fans and encourages them to help sick and disabled kids by going to The Avril Lavigne Foundation site. Check out the clip below.

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