Josh Hutcherson Talks Feud Between ‘The Hunger Games’ & ‘Twilight’ [AUDIO]

March 2, 2012 8:11 am

Ladies, “The Hunger Games” leading man Josh Hutcherson is single. Your welcome.

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“The Hunger Games” vs “Twilight”
Is there a feud between the two casts of the blockbuster films? “Not whatsoever. Those are vampires and werewolves. We’re human beings. We stand no chance. We are completely defenseless.”

On Actor Jealousy 
“I haven’t dealt with it firsthand. I mean, if I were somebody else, I’d be pissed because I love this role so much and if someone else had gotten it, I probably would have resented them for the rest of my life.”

On Getting The Role of ‘Peeta’ in “The Hunger Games”
“It was auditioning, actually. I’d read the books and, you know loved them and went in to meet with Gary Ross our director, and also Suzanne Collins was there, which was mildly nerve-wracking to audition in front of her.”

He continued, “Just had a couple auditions; the second one I went in with Jennifer Lawrence and we had a chemistry, and you know we hit it off right away. And then two weeks of waiting afterwards I wanted to kill myself because I couldn’t deal with not getting the part and luckily they called and said I got it and literally I was speechless…I had no idea what to say.”

New ‘Hunger Games’ Commercial Give Us A Glimpse Into Life In District 12 [VIDEO]

Superfan Sarah
‘The Hunger Games” superfan Sarah from Monterey Park called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” yesterday, and gave Ryan the rundown “Hunger Games for Dummies.” When Ryan told her that Josh was coming on she “literally fell down on the phone.” Ryan decides to have Josh call her posing as a representative from the radio promo department to give her some information on the Hunger Games movie premiere on March 12. Listen to her hilarious reaction above.

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