Topshop Owner Plans To ‘Wow’ Shoppers With LA Location [AUDIO]

March 2, 2012 10:05 am

You may have heard about Topshop, it’s huge overseas and they are known for great styles at affordable prices. Well, people have been buzzing ever since it was announced that a location will be opening in Los Angles. So, Topshop proprietor Sir Philip Green called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday to tell us why people are so excited and give details on the new location.

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On The Los Angeles Location:
“It will be about 27,000 square feet. We want to try to build in unique locations. The most recent location we built in the UK, you can actually walk through where the windows normally are, you can walk into the store,” he explains. “For LA we’ve sort of got to think of something that’s got unique features, something that’s wow, and people sort of got to have a reason to go shopping. So, it’s got to be a combination of something great, exciting, and obviously the key part of our business is we deliver new inventory every week.”

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Why Are People So Excited About Topshop?
“In our prime UK store, we deliver 300 new styles a week. We have 40 in-house designers, we manufacture goods in 30 countries, so we are sort of a 24/7 business. We want to create new cool, fun fashion, big canvas, I think we are the only retailer worldwide that actually shows at London fashion week. We show our own styles, but also we support all the new generation designers,” he says.


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