Lindsay Lohan Attempts A Comeback On SNL [VIDEO]

March 4, 2012 3:17 pm

Lindsay Lohan was determined to have a clean and sober comeback as a host for Saturday Night Live since her last appearance in 2006, and she did just that this Saturday.

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Poking fun at her history of legal troubles, the opening monologue consisted of the alarm going off as she stepped down, her eye’s being checked for the consumption of illegal substances by Kenan Thompson, Kristen Wiig patting her down and Jimmy Fallon slyly keeping a step-in host ready for when she failed.

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In “The Real Housewives of Disney,” Lindsay did indeed jump “out of the tower and into the spotlight” as Rapunzel, throwing around snarky comments and a mean punch. The sketch had problems seen in all of the Real Houswives shows: marital problems, money issues and bickering between the women!

Lindsay as “Lucy the Psychic Assistant” seemed to be dull in “Psychic Awards 2012,” with very minimal lines. She shared with the audience all the physics were going to lose in the coming year.

Lindsay made fun of her own past, specifically her own time in prison. She made references to “Herbie: Fully Loaded,” her time in rehab, as well as the jewelry she was accused of stealing. This sketch gave Lindsay the most amount of lines, but she clearly struggled in memorizing all of them.

As a leader of the Delinquent Girl Teen Gang, Lindsay kept the whole pack dancing despite “Babbitt” getting hit by cars over and over again.

Next, Lindsay made her presence as “Illiterate Lisa,” intern at B108 FM radio station- the most and least listened to hip-hop show. The young intern holds a paper in her hand and makes up the show’s sponsor since she clearly doesn’t know how to read!

The funniest sketch was with Lindsay as “Megan the house-sitter,” but was carried mostly by neck braced Kristen Wiig who made the scene with her crazy behavior!

The last sketch of the night showed Andy Samberg as “Rude Buddha.” Lindsay only had a few lines including, “Is there any way that you can help me reach nirvana?” Could this be a metaphor for a comeback in her career?

Overall, the whole show appeared to be disaster free with a collection of funny sketches with the notorious star. What do you think? Is the “new-old Lindsay Lohan” back? Comment below to let us know what you think!


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