Brandy & Monica Release New Music Video for ‘It All Belongs To Me’ [VIDEO]

March 5, 2012 9:12 pm

Over a decade after Brandy and Monica came together to bring us the hit song “The Boy Is Mine”, the two R&B artists have joined forces again with  “It All Belongs To Me” which showcases just how amazing these two musicians are.

The music video begins with Brandy and Monica looking glamorous and showering their current beaus with nice watches and new cars. But they soon get fed up with their men and start taking all of it away.

Brandy & Monica Release “It All Belongs To Me” Sneak Peak [VIDEO]

“Have a fit, slam the door, but leave them bags on the floor, that belongs to me,” they sing. “Those clothes, those cards, those rings, that Macbook, that belongs to me. Log off your Facebook, it all belongs to me”

The video directed by Chris Robinson reflects that women too can be the powerful money makers in the relationship. Just as easily as they give it, they can take it all away. Watch the premiere of “It All Belongs To Me” below!


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