‘Shahs of Sunset’ Cast Visit ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ [VIDEO]

March 6, 2012 8:26 am

Your new guilty pleasure is less than a week away so we brought in Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Reza Farahan, and Mike Shouhed of the upcoming series “Shahs of Sunset” in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about this Sunday’s premiere on Bravo 10/9c.

The show, which is a Ryan Seacrest Productions, follows a group of young Persian-American friends who sport chromed-out cars, logo-ridden purses and designer outfits, juggling living and working in Los Angeles while balancing the demands of their families and traditions.

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MJ vs. Reza
MJ confides: “My mom and Reza are the reason why I have to check thrice before I walk out the door. I’m like, ‘I would really choose to wear these shoes, but in case I run in to Reza or my mom I better just change my shoes.'” MJ coyly deflects Reza’s claims of their sexual past by saying, “He is the biggest pot stirrer! For Christmas we should all chip in for a giant 24k gold pot stirrer. I let Reza get away with a lot, and sometimes I have to come down and defend myself.”

On Critics’ Complaints
Reza insists: “I’m not portraying anyone. I represent me. If I’m able to help open or broaden the horizon about homosexuality in the Middle Eastern culture…that I will portray, but I am not an elected official. I don’t represent anyone other than myself, and that’s it. I’m not political. I’m not religious. I’m not doing anything other than giving people a window into a delicious lifestyle.”

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On Frustrating Middle Eastern Stereotypes
“First and foremost, you should be married by the time you’re out of high school or barely of age, 21. I think that sucks. If you’re going to hang it up that early on…you’re not going to get a chance to travel. You’re not going to see the world outside of the lens of your marriage. You don’t necessarily even get to establish a career for yourself, and once you get an empty nest or if the marriage doesn’t work out then your really left to fall on your ass,” says MJ.

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Reza jokes: “Mine would be that my mustache will grow out this thick if I shave it off 24 hours later! Or that I like blowing things up. I don’t like to be blowing things up. I’m not going to hijack anything that you own. Stuff like that.” He continues on a more serious note regarding the reception his culture has towards an openly gay Persian by saying: “Unfortunately, in my culture people think that…People use this word [Farsi] which is like the gutter. It makes me feel hurt and upset, but not for me. Because nothing they can say or do will impact how I feel about myself. It makes me feel bad about how other people who come from less supportive families feel. It’s really hard, but not for me. I’m really, really blessed and I’m very lucky.”

What Is The Cast Most Looking Forward To?
Mike says he can’t wait “to see my family on TV with me. Just for the audience to really get a glimpse in to the rest of my life so I’m not so one-dimensional. Because people look at me and go ‘He’s a player’ or whatever they want to label me as.”

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