Watch Lenny Kravitz As ‘Cinna’ In New ‘Hunger Games’ Clip [VIDEO]

March 7, 2012 10:35 am

The countdown is on and in a little over two weeks (March 23rd) “The Hunger Games” will captivate the minds of many. One of the film’s stars, Lenny Kravitz , recently stopped by the Ellen Degeneres Show and brought along with him a very much (appreciated) anticipated clip!

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The footage features Lenny as his character Cinna who is Katniss‘ (Jennifer Lawrence) stylist during the 74th annual Hunger Games. In this clip Cinna is preparing Katniss for the big Tribute Parade that is part of the opening ceremonies. He doesn’t want her to go out there and just look like a person from her district. He wants her to go out there and make an impression!

Cinna says, “I’m here to help you in anyway that I can…I want to do something they’re going to remember.”

A hesitant Katniss responds saying, “I’m not very good at making friends.”

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Although the clip is just a snippet of what’s to come, we’re officially introduced to Cinna, and we get to learn a little more about Katniss’ personality. Check it out below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite star in “The Hollywood Hunger Games!” 24 celebrity tributes. 1 arena. You vote!

VIA: Celebuzz


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