‘American Idol’ Top 13: Guys vs Girls Recap [VIDEO]

March 8, 2012 5:59 am

American Idol celebrated its landmark 400th episode and last tonight was all about Guys vs. Girls. The guys took on Stevie Wonder’s classics, while the girls sang Whitney Houston in tribute to her passing. This week, the contestants were mentored by the legendary R&B Mary J. Blige.

What makes this week of American Idol different? On Thursday, the bottom guy and bottom girl will be announced, and the judges will make the final decision about whose Idol journey ends. Let the battle of the sexes commence!

Joshua Ledet kicked off tonights performances singing Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish.” Josh rocked the house and started the evening with a BANG! The judges loved and so did we!

Elise Testone  sang a rendition of Houston’s “I’m Your Baby.” Her goal tonight was to not let her nerves get the best of her and for her voice to shine through, but her performance was just okay. Elise is someone who makes her songs her own, but tonight there was an evident lack of marriage between her personality and the uniqueness of Houston’s song.

“I am 1000 percent thrilled that the judges brought him back, because he does NOT deserve to go from this competition.” Those are the kind words of resident mentor Jimmy Lovine and guest mentor Mary J. Blige about Jermaine Jones. Jermaine was brought back to the finals last week as the judge’s wild card entry. This week he sang Steve Wonder’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet” and we agree with Lovine and Blige that Jermaine deserves to compete this season.

This week former DJ Erica Van Pelt sang, “I believe In You & Me” and had help from the coaches to add her own personality to her performance. Mary J. Blige describes Erica’s rocker-tone voice as fulfilling as “Steak and Potato’s.” Erica’s delivery was just as appetizing and was received well by both the audience and the judges.

Colton Dixon performed “Lately” and continues to prove he is one of the best male talents on the show this season. His performance was “outstanding” according to Steven Tyler and considering Dixon’s music style is rock, we agree that his performance showed his versatility as an artist.

Unfortunately, Shannon Magrane she was the weak link on tonight’s episode. Her vocals were pitchy and her nerves got the best of her.

DeAndre Brackensick proved tonight that not only can he sing, but he can perform! He took full advantage of the stage and even busted a couple of dance moves. His tempo and vocals were superb for his rendition of Wonder’s “Master Blaster.” The judges were impressed with DeAndre’s ability to show a different side of his talent.

All we can say for Skylar Laine is, wow. Skylar came in this week nervous  because of her lock of knowledge of Whitney Houston’s music. Her performance was critiqued as “nasally” by J.Lo but was commended on her composure on stage.

Funny guy Heejun Han sang, “All In Love Is Fair” and Randy summed the performance up the best by saying, “It wasn’t perfect, but it was REALLY good.”

Is it too early in the competition to predict a winner? Probably, but Jessica Sanchez sure has a good shot based on her past two performances. Tonight she sang “I Will Always Love You,” which is known to be one of the most difficult songs to sing — And she nailed it!

Jersey Boy Jeremy Rosado picked a very difficult song to sing this week: “Ribbon In The Sky.” It is clear how badly Jeremy wants to succeed in this competition but he has to learn to conquer his nerves. His performance was good, we agree with Randy that it needed “swag” in order to make it believable.

We cannot forget about the unique sound of Phillip Phillip, who mashed up Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and his own interpretation and simply killed it.

Tune into Fox tomorrow night at 8/7c p.m for the live results show.


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